If something in your life could be made easy, what would that be worth to you?
Let It Be Easy revolutionizes the concept of stress, showing you how to uncomplicate your life by removing the pressure and worry we manufacture ourselves without even realizing it.
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I grew up on welfare, living in domestic violence  shelters and dreaming of an easier life. I worked hard to become a Silicon Valley Executive and I was earning $500,000 a year by age 30, only to realize that ease doesn't come from money, marriage or fitting in. 

Having experienced life on both sides, I set out to crack the secret code on letting life be easy — and it turns out that it’s a skill, just like any other. 

Let It Be Easy revolutionizes the concept of stress, showing you how to uncomplicate your life by removing the pressure and worry we manufacture ourselves without even realizing it. 

It’s packed with practical advice to dissolve perfectionism and self-criticism, and better react to life’s most common stressors, ranging from relationships to money to loss. 

I share everything I’ve learned in this book, an easy-to-read manual with chapters all 2 pages or less. In each chapter you’ll receive a rule, an action, a mantra (or a Beyoncé lyric!) and a flood of relief.

You don’t even have to read it in order. Readers say that they always land on the page they need. Easy!  
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Praise for

Let It Be Easy

“A supremely inspirational yet highly practical book about living your finest life. And doing it with grace, joy and goodness.”

Robin Sharma

Author of the #1 worldwide bestsellers The 5am Club, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Everyday Hero Manifesto
“Susie Moore’s lighthearted storytelling style makes it easy to absorb deep lessons and makes it simple to remember them as needed. You’ll return again and again to the messages she offers, such as making good decisions and finding affluence, and you’ll discover that hope is always

Farnoosh Torabi

Editor-at-large of CNET and host of the podcast So Money
“When your brain is an uninspired, chaotic place to live, reach for Let It Be Easy. Susie Moore’s genuine kindness, compassion, and excitement about helping tired humans reach their utmost potential beam through every page via cute anecdotes and heart-wrenching personal stories. Each chapter is like a mini–master class, and we’re all getting A’s.”

Ashley Oerman

Lifestyle Director, Cosmopolitan
“Susie Moore is open, honest, and vulnerable — challenging readers to embrace ease instead of stress despite the craziness of the world we live in. It leaves stressed-out overachievers with a special message: Everything doesn’t have to be so hard. You can have success and ease in the
same breath.”

Kimberly B. Cummings

Author of Next Move, Best Move
“Part shaman, part therapist, 100 percent inspiration. Susie Moore has used her jaw-dropping life story to provide a moving, practical, sensational guide to letting everything be easier. Shockingly easier. Like you can’t believe it could be so easy. Like the first sigh of relief you’ve breathed in years! Let go of doing things the hard way! Stop pushing boulders uphill! LET IT BE EASY is packed with gems that will transform everything about how you move through the world. If you have been ‘a struggler,’ look no further than your heaven-sent Master Teacher of Ease and her handbook for life on the easy road.”

Sheri Salata

Former executive producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show
“If you keep thinking, ‘Life shouldn’t be this hard,’ Susie Moore’s LET IT BE EASY is the book for you. These nuggets of wisdom will help you relax and find a simpler way through virtually any
dilemma you face.”

Michael Hyatt

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling
coauthor of Win at Work & Succeed at Life
“Susie Moore’s Let It Be Easy wisdom might change your life. It’s changed mine. Susie’s the real deal. Rush to read this book!”

Amy Purdy

Athlete and New York Times bestselling author of On My Own Two Feet
“The title says it all! LET IT BE EASY is not only incredibly fun and easy to read, it’s full of eye-opening, no-BS, to-the-point wisdom to enhance all areas of your life. This book is a must if you’re looking to reduce friction in your life and find joy!”

Kate Northrup

Bestselling author of Do Less
“With every chapter, Susie Moore tackles life’s challenges to help us understand how we can ‘let it be easy.’ In reading, you’ll begin to discover all the areas in your life where you can apply Susie’s extraordinary advice because she makes it that easy! I loved this book! So many chapters where I was saying out loud, ‘Yes!’ and, ‘Gosh, she’s so right!’ I highlighted a million things. A must-read!”

Amanda Kloots

Fitness instructor, cohost of The Talk, and New York Times bestselling author of Live Your Life
“My friend Susie Moore always gives the best advice, and Let It Be Easy is no exception. Susie’s latest book will give you the tools to reclaim your happiness and confidence regardless of what life throws your way — yes, even a pandemic.”

Candace Nelson

Pastry chef and judge of Cupcake Wars
“Susie Moore’s Let It Be Easy philosophy is life-changing. I love the way she moves through the world with ease and elegance. Every modern woman needs to read this book.”

Anna Bey

Elegance expert and YouTube personality
“Any compilation of insights into universal topics that can actually surprise readers with new ideas is an instant treasure. This one’s for all of us.”

Mike Dooley

New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities
Let It Be Easy is a book for anyone who has felt alone, anxious, or tense. It’s a book for those struggling with friendships or work or romantic relationships. It’s a book for avid readers of self-help and for casual browsers in the bookstore; a book for the brave and for the timid; a book for reading on beaches and trains and in minutes between meetings. That is to say: it’s a book for everyone.”

Libby Kane

Executive Editor of Insider

I know that you’re going to love this book. Early readers tell me that it’s my most transformative work yet! 

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